West Shore PTA will be taking part in “adopting” a polling location on Election Day. This partnership with the Brevard County Elections Office encourages civic participation in the election process while raising much needed funds for our campus. Volunteers will serve as poll workers donating their monetary earnings to the West Shore PTA. In addition to raising funds for the school, volunteer poll workers will also be allowed to count the hours worked as parent involvement service hours.

For more information please contact West Shore PTA's Adopt-A-Precinct Committee Chair, Veronica Giguere

Poll Worker Qualifications

The Supervisor of Elections is committed to employing highly skilled, competent, and customer service oriented individuals to fulfill its mission of conducting open, fair and secure elections for the voters of Brevard County.

Poll Workers must:

  • Be a registered voter in Brevard County
  • Be able to work a 15‐hour day
  • Read write and communicate in English
  • Be able to withstand long periods of continuous sitting or standing, lift 15-30 lbs, and be able to assemble and disassemble equipment.

2020 Upcoming Elections

Presidential Preference Primary Election
Tuesday, March 17th

Primary Election
Tuesday, August 18th

General Election
Tuesday, November 5th

Poll Worker Positions

CLERK: 1 per precinct

Manages all operations at polling place in accordance with Florida law and has additional responsibilities before Election Day. Must be comfortable working with electronic equipment. Performs opening and closing procedures, oversees voting process, ensures order is maintained, and communicates with SOE office to resolve voter eligibility issues. Processes voters at Assistance Table through an electronic poll book.

PRECINCT TECH: 1 per precinct

Responsible for troubleshooting all voting equipment at the polling place. Must possess a general working knowledge of electronic equipment. Provides assistance to voters requiring use of the AutoMARK (ballot marking de‐ vice). Responsible for the set up and shut down of assigned voting equipment.

PRECINCT DEPUTY: 1 per precinct

Posts and removes all necessary signs and is stationed outside the polling location entrance. Enforces no solicitation within 100’ of polling entrance, maintains order, and assists voters outside polling place. Alternates position with Inside Deputy as necessary.

INSIDE DEPUTY: 1 per precinct

Assists the Precinct Deputy in posting and removal of all signs and 100’ measurement requirements. Stationed inside the polling place. Ensures orderly flow inside the polling room and removes any items left

EVid OPERATOR: 2-4 varies on precinct

Assists the Precinct Tech in set up and take down of assigned voting equipment. Must be comfortable working with electronic equipment. Greets and instructs voters on the voting process. Processes voters at check‐in through an electronic poll book. Ensures that each voter signs the signature pad and is issued a voting pass. Directs voters requiring additional assistance to the Voter Assistance Table.

BALLOT BOX INSPECTOR: 1‐2 varies on precinct

Assists the Clerk in set up and shut down of assigned voting equipment. Must be comfortable working with electronic equipment. Stationed at the Ballot Box to instruct voters on how to use the voting equipment and assists in troubleshooting. Collects privacy folders from voters who have cast their ballot and hands out “I Voted” stickers. Has additional responsibilities after the polls close.

BALLOT DISTRIBUTOR: 2‐4 varies on precinct

Maintains proper ballot accountability; receives voting pass from voters and ensures the voter receives their specific precinct ballot. Provides instructions to voters on the prop‐ er way to mark their ballot. Has additional responsibilities after the polls close.