Platinum, Gold & Silver Memberships

                                    Thank you for your support!

Platinum Membership

Samuel Anzalone
Joann baker
Katherine Becker
Preeti Bimbrahw
Kyle Blair
Brenna Burns
Jeanna Carroll
Tara couture
Jocelyn and Scott Dangler
Kalli Ecker
Wendy Fine
Holly Grant
Alisa Horgan
Emilie Horne
Yanet Kazi
Jennifer Kennedy
Kelli Maynard
Isabel Miles
Emily Murphy
Reaah Nunez
Giuliana Oliveira Savage
Matina Pappalardo
Lorraine Pesante
Tracy Ravin
Brittany Reiter
Zachary Ritz
Sherry & Davin Ruohomaki
Ali Salyers
Ana Saunders
Katherine Sims
Christopher Stearn
Preeti Sudhakaran
Kelly Swartz
Theresa Tolle
Stacey Warner
Jeff Wright

Gold Membership

Ardnas Defreitas
Michael Grainger
Melanie Lopez
Catherine Smith

Silver Membership

Shannon Alvarez
Zac Basinger
Ashley Basinger
Paola Billsberry
Jodi Botelho
Duana Boyles
Raymond Bridges
Angila and Eric Burke
Stephanie Byrd
Renata Couto
Sara Devos
Kimberly Dias
William DiOrio
lisa dorfman
Sajju Elangovan
Sandy Fiedler
Robert Frank
Elise Frank
Nandita Gandhi
Leah Hicks
Jenny Lewis
Jennifer Locke
Thomas Lorigan
Iwona Mahindra
Hanaa Mahmoud
Angelica Murray
Erica Paullin
Christi Plechaty
Emilia Laura Primucci
Dorika Ramos-Sonera
Monique Reynolds
Alyssa Rotolo
Jodi Schroeder
Helene Simon
Marni Simon
Kristine Stone
Rebecca Talaia
Michelle Tucker
William Uhlmeyer
Patty Wallace
Gordon Wallace
Catherine Wright

Why sponsor?

  • Great visibility in the community: You will gain access to over 800 families in the West Shore community as well as broader reach into the Melbourne and Beachside communities.
  • Enjoy the loyalty of West Shore parents: By giving back to our school, you are directly giving to our children.  We can't thank you enough!  By letting the West Shore community know that you and your business care, our loyalty to you grows deeper.
  • Great business exposure: Your brand will be represented through online advertising, social media, email, and press releases that reach out to local print and local television broadcasts.
  • Leverage word of mouth: Our savvy West Shore parents will frequent your businesses and spread the word to their friends and family. The power of a great reference is the secret to success for the local business.

Who should sponsor?

Local businesses, parent owned businesses, and any organizations that would benefit from being a part of our West Shore community.

How does one become a Sponsor?

We have numerous opportunities for businesses to partner with us from specific events such as our annual Bling-O to Financial Assistance Grant Sponsors.  We love teaming with local businesses to maximize our educational impact, and we are eager to think of new and creative ways to work together for the betterment of our school and your business.